Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More hours......please

Anyone know the secret :-) Just another 4 or so in the day would do me just fine.

I don't know if it because I haven't made anything in such a long while or what but my brain is on fire with ideas. At the moment just an odd word or picture can set me of on a whirlwind of "I can make that"

Some are plants, some are sculpts and some are things I want to do to this house.

I actually have notebooks I write everything down in. The theory being I can get them out of my head but not forget them. But they keep on coming and I had to get up at 2am this morning when an idea struck me in my sleep lol.

My workroom is almost done. Mick put some neat shelves up over my desk last weekend. This clears up a lot of my working space and allows me to have things I want to do out on display. More inspiration lol.

Hopefully by next week I can start working on some plants and a sculpt. The sculpt will be different to anything I've thought about before...definitely more fantasy oriented. It is an idea I've had for a long, long time and this one is knock, knock, knockin' right at the front of my skull. I just need to find a rock so I can start planning it.

In them meantime I'll keep plodding along, unpacking my workroom and house stuff, trying to keep on top of all your blogs, painting cupboards, moving furniture, draught proofing doors, cleaning up the mess the previous contractors left behind...oh and then there's all that good wife stuff...you know, preparing dinner, vacuuming and all that :-)


  1. I know that feeling.... that in-the-middle-of-the-night feeling of a great idea!! And so does my husband... he hates it because I can't help but explain every detail of my plan to him - haha! Can't wait to see all these new ideas come to life!! hugs, ara

  2. Jayne- I feel the same way all the time! If you find out where you can get extra hours please let me know. Part of my problem is that I am soooo easily distracted also, so I am always adding to the list of things I want to do! I know I owe you an email- having a hard time getting back into the swing of things since Christmas. I cannot wait to see your fantasy orientated sculpting- it sounds so intriguing- I am so curious!! Must feel incredible to almost have your workspace ready too :)

  3. Had you started keeping your notebook and a pen next to the bed? That 's what I have to do. ;-)

    I'll be in the same boat as you in a few weeks... balancing house projects with art projects and unpacking, painting, minor construction, etc. :-)

  4. I know that feeling too. Mine is just more like - with two small children in house, a house, job and hobbies - I just don't have the time for it all. SMILE. I am looking forward to see your stunning work coming back to life.

  5. Even if I could have more hours I am sure I would pass the time on this confounded computer lol
    It calls my name everytime I enter the room!
    "Youv'e got mail" hahahahaha
    Naughty thing it is!

  6. I understand you on this one, but have so many ideas in my head that I dont know where to start! the beginning being an obvious choice, but then my priorities change and I start procrastinating and ...... right, Im off to make a new list ;o)

  7. I have missed your posts on your work so I am glad you are getting ideas ideas ideas. 4 hours more will just mean 4 hours more of wishing you have even more time :). Will you show pics of your work room? Does it make you smile with the greatest satisfaction every time you finish doing up a room? Like each time you complete a mini? am sharing your excitement Jayne.

  8. Ara .... if I woke Mick up to tell him one of my ideas I don't think I'd be waking up in the morning lol. Now you can't wait to see my new ideas ;-)

    Kim I am loving having my own room...albeit unfinished. this weekend it should all be done hopefully.

    Thank you Reiko...I don't have kids to look after so shouldn't be complaining.

    Kat...if I kept a pen and paper next to the bed then I'd have to put the light on and wake Mick up...again I'd not be getting up in the morning :-) Yup, won't be long before you are at it as well.

    Deni...I turned my email notifier off so i don't hear it otherwise I'd never get anything done :-)

    Wendie..are you saying you don't normally understand me lol. I never know where to start either and sometimes too many ideas is just too overwhelming.

    Sans...thank you. yes if I had 4 more house I'd want 8 lol. It does make me smile...well when it is finished at least. I will show piccies of my room when it is finished. Won't be too long now.

  9. Good idea!
    Im going to do that right now! lol
    Hope it works!!!!*wink wink


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