Thursday, 7 January 2010

For Sale

Well after battling my way around Front Page trying to add these to my website for a couple of hours I gave up.

I can use FP and can find my way around html but not fluently and ,although I get there in the end, it takes me a while.

After a bit the 20c etsy listings became more and more attractive so I put them on there :-)


  1. They are all so pretty are so clever!! I love the beautiful!

    Regards, Linda

  2. Darn it!!! I missed the Floozy!!! If you make another let me know!! hugs, ara

  3. Thank you both.

    I don't actually like those daffs at all which is why I priced them lower :-(

    Ara...I am sorry...I would have kept her if I knew. I wondered what you were talking about actually as your blog comment came in way before the etsy sale notification. I will make another and let you know :-)

  4. I LOVE the daffodils! Your flowers are all gorgeous! You have answered a question I have.
    :What to use to make flowers?" Paper,huh? I have no idea how you make something so tiny and so perfect with little bits of paper!!
    They are all just beautiful!

  5. Very cheery after a particularly depressing winter day. It's nice to see some flowers can't be stopped by a bit of snow :-)

  6. Good luck with your sales Jayne. Its nice to see new goodies from you xxxxxx

    Debie xxx

  7. I love your flowers, they look so happy and cheerful!
    I have also been giving etsy some thought, I might try it.

  8. Oh Jayne! That would be wonderful! I think she would look just perfect in Morticias conservatory!! No rush though - haha - the conservatory is still in 2D on paper! hugs, ara


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