Friday, 22 January 2010

I LOVE to make people smile

A couple of weeks ago Rosanna emailed me asking if she could purchase some of the flowers I recently made.

She chose her two favorites...the paper whites and the geraniums in a teacup.

Of course I was delighted to send them to her and even more pleased when they arrived safely today.

And she loves them which makes me extremely happy.

I love the reaction I get from people who become the new owners of my creations.

Even with putting a penny in the pictures it is so hard to show just how tiny they really are or to capture all the tiny details.

I truly put my heart and soul into the things that I make and, as hard as it is to part with them, it makes me beam with delight when someone new gets to love them.

Thank you so much Rosanna.....I look forward to seeing them in place in La Casa Rossa.


  1. I'm still giggling with delight !!! At the momet they are on my pc and I keep looking at them. Too beautiful. Thank you again and hugs Rosanna

  2. They do look beautiful :0)
    I know how you feel as theres nothing quite like the feeling of knowing someone delights in your work.Its worth more than any money.
    I hope to own some of your beautiful flowers too one day Jayne,
    julie xxx

  3. Jayne your flowers are delightful and so perfectly made. I still have my rosebush and I have will be makign the little men to go with it soon. Your so talented.

    Debie xxxxx

  4. I saw Rosanna's post today - beautiful, beautiful! You are so talented, Jayne!


  5. I echo all of the above Jayne- your work is exquisite and no picture, no matter how well it is taken, can properly convey just how intricate and detailed your work is. I cherish my geranium from you!!

  6. Jayne your flowers are are beautiful and I wish i could see them in the flesh so to of these days:O)
    Its priceless making people smile.

  7. Beautiful flowers, so real, fantastic, congratulations!

  8. Hah but I know exactly how tiny they are and the painstaking details! It really looked like you have made them specially for our dear Rosanna. The little tea cup one suits her to a tea! lol

    Jayne, apart from being so talented, you are such a doll ! Rosanna's gonna enjoy all the extras that you sent her!

  9. They are so beautiful and looks as real. I understand why is Rosanna so happy!!! Your flowers are outstanding!!

  10. love it! You are very talented,and the best part is you made Rosanna very happy!

  11. Id be smiling widely too if I had them in the post, so so beautiful Jayne, Rossanna is very lucky, Kate xx

  12. Your flowers are beautiful and MUCH smaller than I imagined!

  13. I know how you feel!! I love to see my furniture in other peoples projects! Its such a special feeling to know that someone loves what you make! I can't wait to be one of the lucky owners of your work! hugs, ara

  14. Que precisidad!!!!!!!!, te han quedado genial y tan chiquitinas, felicidades.besitos ascension

  15. They are the most beutiful flower I´ve ever being seen. The flower in the teacup is my favourite. You´re so talent!

  16. Thank you all for your lovely comments....sorry it took me a while...darn shoulder is acting up :-(

    Still this makes all the aches and pains worth it...thank you.

  17. Those are just too beautiful!! I can't imagine working on something that small and getting it so perfect.


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