Tuesday, 22 December 2009

So here it is.....Merry Christmas

I am guessing most of you won't be around much over the next week or so, so I thought I'd say

 Merry Christmas

to you all now.

I have to confess to not loving Christmas much these days.  I used to be really into it but since I  moved here, so far away from my family and friends,  I just don't enjoy it anymore. If I could I'd just fast forward straight through to next year :-(

I truly envy those of you who have kiddies at home....the whole belief in Father Christmas is just so much fun.

When Aydn was little I'd wait till he went to bed and hang out of my bedroom window ringing bells. Within minutes he'd be in my room yelling 'Mom, Mom can you hear him' 

I would dip my shoes in flour and leave footprints up the stairs and in the hallway to be discovered next morning. Aydn was so little it never occured to him that there wasn't any snow outside :-)

One year my Mom, who lived 2 doors away, stuck an inflatable Santa on a long pole and started tapping it on the outside Aydn's bedroom window. Goodness knows what the neighbors thought seeing her walking though the streets with Santa on a pole lol.

I do miss those days....they aren't little long enough. Not that I plan on starting again mind you :-)

Our new neighborhood is beautiful at this time of year. Everyone's houses are decorated inside and out.  Except ours...I feel like the resident Grinch but really don't have the money to buy something as frivolous as as tree this year.

And then I'd have to buy ornaments. What I really want is a tree with old ornaments. Going out and buying brand new just doesn't seem right to me...far too sterile. I want old ones with history and character...not some plastic made in China junk. Oh well...maybe I'll see if I can organize and old ornament swap next year and have a tree after all.

Anyhow, enough from Tallulah the sad old drama queen.....I'll leave you with this clip to listen to. You Brits are probably sick of it now but to all you others...It just ain't Christmas in England till you hear ol' Noddy singing.

Merry Christmas everybody xxx


  1. It must be difficult with your family so far away, but you have us!!!

    We'll set a place for you at the dinner table!!

    Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Merry Christmas Jayne. I hope it's still lovely for you even though you are not a Christmas fan.
    Will let you into a secret... i'm not really into this time of year myself. So much to do and i hate playing the perfect mum ready at the oven and sink with a pretend smile on my face like i'm really, really enjoying it. Would much rather take a few days out to snuggle up with a flask, some biscuits and a couple of good books totally on my own and at peace.
    You have beautiful memories of christmas past to treasure. Its just a shame out children grow up and the magic vanishes.
    Maybe next year you could make some decorations for your tree in an old style. Wish i had known and would have made one for you. I sent a few out this year, but next year you will be first on my list to send to.
    Hoping you are happy in your new home and this time next year feel fully settled. The house is beautiful and looks like a treasure. Sorry i have not commented sooner about the move, but as usual have kept running out of time.
    Spent many a drunken night to this song, puking or falling over, landing in hedges good old British style, lol. Its not Christmas till he sings!
    Lots of love to you and your family!
    Nikki xxx

  3. I'm really sorry to hear you are having a blue Christmas this year... Sometimes I feel the same way now that my kids are grown. Please know that you are not alone and your feelings are okay. Let the neighbors climb the ladders and the stores sell the trees. Christmas is much more than that anyway. I wish you many happy memories and peace within your heart.
    Merry Christmas Tallulah.
    Hugs from Alabama,

  4. You're not alone, it's not been the same since I've moved here either. I have to explain to people every year that "going home" is $900 a head for the plane and 2 days of travel. Heck this year I've been too occupied with other things (time wise and financially) to get decorations up. We have the grinch house too. Maybe I'll stick my head out and snarl Christmas morning, you know, just to put the cherry on top :P

  5. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))
    We don't have a tree or deccys either....but I have candles that I light in the evening to give off a cozy warm glow. All our three children our grown too and miss that too.......they do bring the magic alive when they are so small. I love the thought of your mom with the santa on a stick and you with your flour shoes and the bells:O)
    All the very best for the new year and your new home....and that wonderful garden:O)

  6. I'm with you. Tis the season to move onto the New Year! Here's to 2010, may it be full of love. (And patience, I need patience :)

    Thank You for your post,


  7. Yay for noddy LOL and dont forget my personal fave.......wizard , altogether now "oh I wish it could be xmas everyday "!!! Must be a funny feeling being miles away from everyone at this time of year . Think I would feel the same. this is my first xmas without katie here on xmas morning and feel so sad about that , even though I will see them at dinnertime.
    Our kids grow up all too soon but we have those precious memories and they never grow old :0)
    Hope you and mick have a merry little xmas together, eat till your stuffed, crack open a bottle of something and maybe start some new memories in your new home.
    wishing you a wondeful 2010
    julie xxxx

  8. Merry Christmas, and a good year.
    A Carmen hug

  9. Wonderful stories about how you played tricks on your kids, that made me laugh. Similar to what we do each year with St. Nicholas. You're right I think, it is so much more fun when the kids are still little.
    About the Christmas decorations... with your talents, you could make the prettiest things yourself!

  10. PS: I hope you'll have a Happy Christmas anyway!!

  11. Merry christmas and a happy new year. Maybe next year you will have a tree with lots of old, beautiful ornaments. For this year, enjoy everyone elses :0)

  12. Yes, I definitely miss my small child. He was so much sweeter and huggable. Now he is a dear son but sometimes instead of eating him with kisses I would....eat him and that's all! Best wishes in your new beautiful house. Rosanna
    PS you had a good idea: let's organize a tree ornaments swap next year :o))

  13. Thank you all (((((())))) It'll all be over soon.

  14. Although you are not with your dearest: Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New year. Hope you have at least a lovely time. hope next year could be better... good idea the tree ornaments... :)

  15. haha Rosanna, that eating him thing is a good way to avoid all the cooking and work in the kitchen ;)

    I really liked your stories about the christmas tricks too. I hope to have children not too long from now too and looking forward to that stuff. I can imagine it is hard when their all grown up.

    Still I hope you have some lovely days with time to yourselves and there is nothing wrong with not loving these days anymore for the christmas thing.

    groetjes Evelien

  16. Oh, don't be too down! We are far from our families, too. Don's is in California, mine is in Michigan and Florida. It isn't easy, but we make the best of it. After Christmas, start collecting vintage ornaments again - I bet you can get them for a song. Then you'll have them for next Christmas!

    Just enjoy your biggest Christmas present - your new home!


  17. I know exactly what your saying!
    Since the children have gone it is a bit lonely but I still put all the decorations up and make me villages, We do have our son close by but we don't see him much, you know what they say "A daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life and son is a son till he takes a wife" , well in this case he has a lovely girlfriend whose family have Christmas for 3 days 2 hours away on the Gold Coast, so we get to see them only for a short while on Christmas night,and of course my daughter lives in Michigan so thats 20 hours flight away!
    I luv all those memories with the children at Christmas, mmm so nice to be reminded of all those wonderful times!
    So Happy Christmas to you and have some fun anyway!


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