Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Getting there....

Slowly but surely :-)

I have finished painting my workroom, my main overhead light has gone up and I have my own computer (and all my files) back...whhheeee.

As you can see from the photos there is still a looong way to go yet but at least the basics are done.

I wanted adjustable closet shelving in the closet but after looking at the price I decided my old plastic shelving will suffice :-) 

I will put shelves of some kind up on the spare wall to the right of the closet. I'd prefer open shelving and it seems insane that I can buy flat pack bookcases cheaper than I can buy shelves and brackets. But I'll be needing somewhere to display all the flowers and sculpts I'll be making soon :-)

The workroom is at the side of the house and doesn't have a very nice view. I toyed with the idea of using the other bedroom, which looks out onto the back garden, but thought I'd save the nicest view for the guest bedroom. Besides, when I am in here I ought to be working not gazing out of the window. I'll plant something along the fence to make it somewhat prettier and I'll add some bird feeders out there.

The room would ideally be another 6 inches bigger all the way round as the desks only just fit ( they are pulled away from the wall at the moment) but I am grateful to have a room of my own so am not complaining.

The sewing machine won't be a permanent fixture....I am in the middle of making drapes for the front room.

At least once this room is finished I can move some of the boxes that are filling up the other rooms.  Then we can worry about what to do with the rest of the house and garden...something I am NOT looking forward to at all.

Well I best get cracking and start emptying some of these boxes. I thought you might like to see what has been eating my time up of late.


  1. Lovely room, Jayne. What wonderful light comes streaming in! I am sure you'll add something nice to the garden and climbing up over htat fence. And I love the color.


  2. Such a dream...a room on your own ! I love the colours and a nice plant will make your view much better. Have a good day Rosanna

  3. Its looking great. I love the colours, so fresh and vibrant. A lovely working atmosphere.
    Debie xxx

  4. What a great looking room...it's really coming along. Those blues are gorgeous! =D

  5. Jayne your work room is looking great. Can't wait to see what wonderful creations take place in there. xx

  6. The room's colors look splendid in these pics! Well done you. (((()))) I've no doubt you will turn the view outside the window into something lovely and unique. :-)

  7. Lovely! I'm always curious about other's workspaces, since my own is always a mess with about four inches of real working space. Can't wait to see it all set up, it sounds like you will have lots of great different storage solutions.

  8. The room looks great! I'm so happy things are starting to settle down for you.

    Apparently things in my neck of the woods are apparently going to get quite interesting in the next few weeks.

  9. I think the blue is really quite nice! The effect of blue on walls is always tricky ( I once painted my bedroom dark blue with matching blue carpet, it's nice but it always made me sleepy..lol). I think the plants, curtains will really brighten the room up. The shabby fences outside the windows are promising! All in all, a good room to work in.

  10. Thanks everyone xxx

    I still don't like the blues but I am sure I'll get used to it :-)


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