Thursday, 29 October 2009

I'm early but.... 'Happy Halloween All'

I won't be here on Halloween so thought I'd wish you all a good one early.

With luck we'll be moving into our new place Saturday. We
still don't have the keys but should get them at the end of the day Friday. This week has been a last minute flurry of signing papers and a whole lot of stress.

Mick is off work now so today we will be packing a POD...and unfortunately that isn't a euphemism for something more fun ;-)

We did a final walk through earlier this week and as we pulled into the street I was horrified to see the neighbors house covered in police 'Do Not Cross' tape. As we got closer I could also see cobwebs, bats and the like so I am hoping this is part of their Halloween decor and not anything to be concerned about.

We also met the previous owner who was completely crazy and makes me think we will end up having to get a restraining order to keep her away lol.

Anyhow, hope you all have a super spooky time and find that inner kid that is bursting to get out.

The only flying going on in my house is the seat of my pants !!!


  1. Have a great halloween yourselves and good luck with moving. Hope the previous owner goes quietly!
    Julia x

  2. Thanks Julia :-)

    The previous owner was foreclosed on and hasn't lived there in maybe 18 months. The house has sat empty. But she was 'conveniently' there at the same time as us, walked in and gave us a tour of 'her' house.

  3. Oh, not so good. fingers crossed for you that she wont turn up on moving in day and that you have a smooth running move x

  4. Happy Halloween to you too.... and good luck with that lady. We had similar concerns because we bought a house that was foreclosed on.... for a while we worried someone would show up mad but we've never heard a peep. Hopefully she will be able to move on. hugs - ara

  5. Hi Jayne I hope the move goes well and that the previous owner stays away..x

  6. I can understand why you were horrified to see the "Do Not Cross" tape after all that you've been through! :)
    Hope your move goes smoothly with lot of treats and no tricks!

  7. Happy Halloween and Moving Day (((((((( hugs )))))
    Pics of new house soon please. Take care drive safely and dont forget to do a walk through of your old home to see that you havent left anything behind.
    Debie xxxxxx

  8. The day we closed, we drove to our house and the previous owner was still there taking things out of the house. It was rather disconcerting. Also, a tree that had fallen was supposed to be chopped up and disposed of by the owner. It wasn't until a few months later we realized that all he had done was push all the pieces into our wooded area. But at least we don't have to see him anymore!

    I'm so happy for you! You will be in your own home this weekend. Even with all the stress of trying to get to this point, you will just be so happy to walk in the door and know it is yours.


  9. Don't you just love it when the previous owners do things like that (not)! I do hope your move goes well, especially in view of all the frustrating delays, and that your neighbour's dodgy exterior decor comes down after this weekend!

  10. Hahahaah, your new neighbourhood is fun, Jayne! Maybe "her" house will become "yours", maybe the owner will give a good price rather than let it sits empty. You didn't buy this one right?

  11. Good luck Jayne and Happy Hallowe'en !
    LOL at your previous owner ........ she sounds like she might be popping up at all kinds of inconvenient moments, hope she is waiting for you with a moving in gift ....... ;0)
    Hope this time next week you are all done and dusted and feeling right at home,
    julie xxx

  12. Hello -- You have a Happy Halloween too!


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