Wednesday, 25 November 2009

HAPPY THANKSGIVING..... all my American friends....I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sorry to have been MIA for so long...silly me thought I'd be back to blogging a week after we'd moved I am rolling around in laughter at the thought of my naivety :-)

We have been working none stop to try and get this place sorted...forget the fun things like hanging art or setting up our workrooms. So far it has been dealing with leaks, replacing faucets, showers, waste disposal units and the like.

Oh and dealing with an ex- landlady who pays no attention to the law and has withheld a chunk of our security deposit...guess we'll be seeing her in court shortly.

I have spent the last 3 weeks doing nothing but scrubbing the kitchen cupboards to within an inch of their life and priming, painting, and lining the interiors. It has taken this long because they were so gross and whatever they are made of required a minimum of 4 coats of paint. I am about halfway there now and I don't' even want to think of what we'll do with the exteriors.

Once the cupboards are clean enough to put things into, then I'll think about my workroom.

I know I promised pics and you'll get them soon. I'll likely start a new house blog to keep as a journal...just need to think of a name for it :-)

Anyhow, thought I'd fly by to wish you all a great Thanksgiving.



  1. How exciting to be in a new house for the Holidays although they do make for a lot of work!!! I know it will all pay off for you. I wish I had taken care of a few things right away when we moved.... because if I had they would be done by now!! haha! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Hugs - ara

  2. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! It is a wonderful time for us to reflect and be grateful, get together with friends and family and EAT too much!
    I hope you are able to get rid of the dirt soon and return to blogging! You must be exhausted!
    I would love to see your "new house blog!"

  3. Thanks Ara. Technically, as Brits, this isn't a holiday for us :-)

    Maybe by next year I'll have a Christmas tree though.

    I wish there were things I could leave but unless I wanted a totally flooded kitchen it had to be done.

    I can't wait to show you all pics of how the kitchen is constructed...can I say nails, staples and duct tape lol.

  4. Great of you to 'call in'....there is always the 'yuck' stuff to do before any of the 'fun' stuff can begin!

    Enjoy....or try to!

    Regards, Linda

  5. Sounds like replacing the kitchen cupboards would have been less work than all those coats of paint. Glad you are back to blogging even though there is still loads to do to your new full sized home.
    Best wishes for the remainder of the long job of settling in.

  6. Thanks Kathi...I am very thankful we have been able to buy a home regardless of the state of it :-)

    I am very exhausted...haven't had to work this hard in ages lol.

    There will be a house blog for sure as I need loads of help...when I get a minute.

  7. Thanks Dollmum... you are right about replacing the cabinets...just don't have that kind of money now :-(

    Thanks Linda..I am trying to enjoy it. I keep looking at the garden and reminding myself why I loved this house so much. The garden is empty but has sooo much potential.

  8. hang in there - lots of work, I know! It would be neat to follow your house renovations on a blog!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Congratulationson your new home!!!! I know of a fabulous blog that you're going to want to read, it's called DIY Showoff! Some fabulous ideas for our homes!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. I'm so glad to hear from you, Jayne. The hard work will be worth it in the end. Best of luck to you!

  11. Thanks De...will you say Hi in Small World for me please and say thanks for the welcome to your new home message...I've not had chance to go in there.

    Claudia...I know you know :-) If my house is anywhere near half as gorgeous as yours I'll be happy. I might need gardening help from you...scratch that...I WILL. We have a wonderful cottage style garden...with very few plants lol.

    Marsha...Thanks. I Know of that blog..isn't it fab. I started following a lot of them before we moved. Just haven't had time to look at any blogs these past few weeks.

  12. Hi Jayne! Good to hear from you! A new house blog sounds fun! Best of luck, can't wait for pics!

  13. Oh Jayne, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing! My sympathies but also excitement because I know what it is like to be moving. It took me 6 months to unpack my boxes cos I was crazy enough to be moving office as well.

    I didn't want to disturb you but did you receive the cloth? I can imagine the madness that goes on now so don't worry about replying anytime soon :)! I too disappeared from blogland for close to a month!

  14. Ok this is terrible! But I forgot whether I sent my comment to you before closing my browser accidentally. If I did, please ignore this one and delete it!

    Anyway, I was just saying that I have missed you and was wondering about you when I saw this post. You must be going through quite a nightmare now doing the house. The last time I moved which was 13 years ago, it took me 6 months to clear my boxes. If I move again, it will take me 6 years because I have accumulated so much more!

    I was also wondering if you have received the cloth. Just want to know whether they have arrived safely :):). I too disappeared for 1 month from blogland. So take your time to reply!

  15. You'll be an expert when finished by the sound of it! All that work... but...a garden!! A garden of your own! Think of all the plant you could grow!? And thinking of the reputation Britts have... LOL. Make the most of it for now, I wish you lots of pleasant surprises and unexpected luck

  16. great to see you posting Jayne........sounds like you have your hands full with the new house ! having just got through a year of DIY nightmares I can well and truly sympathise !
    heres wishing your cupboards wiull be sparkling , fresh and full of goodies before long ! I spent wednesday finally decorating our dining room ( one room to go and then no more bare plaster !!!) and still cant move I ache so much. heres hoping you will be spending xmas in style with your feet well and truly up :0)
    julie xxx

  17. Thanks Gaye :-)

    Debora I am well aware of the Brits reputation with gardening...that's what scares me...I am so not green fingered and starting from scratch is totally overwhelming.

    Hi Julie.. I feel for you with the takes so long huh. Still it will be lovely when it is all done. We have a lovely shed here that is huge and too cute...I think of you and your summerhouse whenever I look at it. I thought about making it a workroom but the don't fancy sharing it with Black Widow spiders :-)

    Susan...if I get unpacked in 6 months I'll be happy...think it'll be the 6 years :-)

    I did get the fabric thank you and emailed you. I just emailed you again :-)


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