Thursday, 22 October 2009

Moving....not quite !

Than you everyone for Aydn's birthday wishes yesterday. Although he doesn't have a blog account he can post from, he did read them all and I am sure his head was swelling with all the 'handsome' comments :-) And I didn't get into trouble for publicly calling him Pudding Pants :-)

Well the house buying hasn't been going as well as expected and not only are we still here but we no longer have a closing date.

It was 28th October. However, that was before the appraiser went in..... or should I say the second appraiser. The first one had a week to come back with her valuation report and informed us on the last day that she wasn't able to do it as her laptop had crashed. Great !

So, another appraiser was arranged to go in. This time he did actually turn up but he valued the house at $20,000 less than our offer.

The house is bank owned and at first the seller couldn't understand why this was a problem and why did we not want to carry on and pay more for the house than it was worth...well hello !

So, we asked them to drop the price. After some back and forth they agreed to do so if we paid their closing costs. We had already agreed to buy the house 'as is' and to cover the cost of all the repairs ourselves so paying for their closing costs on top of this wasn't something we were prepared to do.

At this point I was trying to convince myself that I didn't much like the house anyway and that we'd find something else.

On Tuesday we eventually we reached an agreement where we'd pay half of their closing costs.

As much as this gripes me to do so, if we were to pull out now, we'd lose all the money we paid for the inspection and the appraiser so it seems better to cut our losses and just go with it.

And our poor realtor, who has absolutely busted his as off for us, wouldn't get paid a bean.

Yes I love the house but, more than that, the thought of having to start all of this from scratch was just beyond me. It has been so much more hard work than I ever anticipated.

I've bought homes before but only in England and the process is very different over there. Add to the mix my lack of knowledge of the terminology used over here and I was getting rather stressed at times I tell ya :-)

While Mick was away in MN for a week I made a point of watching the home buying programs on HGTV....well....this purchase has been nothing like any shown on TV so that was no help.

Still, we are nearly at the end now. Hopefully in a day or 2 (or probably 6 if things follow the pattern they have so far) we'll get at least a closing date.

Then we can figure out what we'll do during the in between time when we are vagrants. A tent on the beach is sounding good to me right now :-)

In the meantime I'll continue to pack I guess...although I've started to reach a point now where there isn't that much left to pack.

Gives me more time to read all your blogs though ...yay ! And to find a wonderful pressie for our realtor. He wants to learn how to make stained glass so I am looking for a beginners kit for him. I think he'll like that.


  1. Ah, yes, the trials and tribulations of home purchasing. I've bought two condos and two homes and they all had a gliche here or there.

    Wait until you have to deal with a buyer that "stalks" you LOL and wanted me to leave up all my pictures b/c she didn't know how to decorate. I told her I'd leave the holes in the wall so she'd know where to hang the pictures, LOL

    But I think the biggest problem you are facing is dealing with a foreclosure, those are notorious for delays and a lot of red tape.

    Soon it will all be a memory as you're settled in your new home!!


  2. It all sounds very complicated Jayne compared to house buying back in the UK ! I think I would be hitting the whiskey by now LOL it all seems stressful stuff but hopefully soon it will all be behind you and you will busily setting up your craft room in your new place.
    Fingers crossed for a smooth run from now on,
    julie xxx

  3. Hi, Just found your blog when you became a follower of mine! Good luck with all your real estate transactions! I hope to not have any of my own for awhile!!

  4. Oh Marsha....what a freaky buyer..LOVE you leaving the nail holes for her though. LMAO.

    Settled might take a while with all the work that needs doing but we'll get there. is sooo much more complicated over here. And far too many people are involved in the process.....meaning more money paid out to. House prices are comparable but the fees involved are a lot more here.

    Hi Janell...thanks for popping over. This is my dollhouse miniature blog but everything is packed away :-( It is my first house in the US so I am stalking all the housey blogs now :-)

  5. I do hope it all gets sorted soon without you having to pay through the nose.

  6. Oh dear, an all too familiar story! I had a similar one when I sold my house in Florida...
    This too shall pass. Soon you will be UNpacking and getting settle. A tent on the beach sound great to me too!
    Blessings, Kathi

  7. Unfortunately, there is almost always a problem. Here in NY state, closing costs are unbelievably high. So high that everyone I knew from another state was in shock. After we had closed and had finished everything, our lawyer handling the closing called to say that he had miscalculated and we owed another $2000.00. At that point, we had spent our extra cash on things for the house. Needless to say, we were not happy.

    Eventually, it is all over and you're just happy to be in your home.

  8. The first house we had bought had a rotten foundation (No house can do without, here in the boggy lowlands; the Netherlands). All hell broke loose... claims to the estate agent, the vendor, the surveyor etc. It took a year before we could moved in. Your experience brings it all back... How frustrated you must feel, and i am so sorry to read this. You sounded so pleased with the find. Getting second doubts about the house is one way of protecting yourself for a fall-through. One breath and one step at a time! All the best and luck in the world

  9. Oh Dear Oh Dear Jayne... it's a bit of a mess isn't it...BUT...sounds as if the house buying is working itself out... As for being English and having trouble with the 'terminology' of house buying...I am American and I had ONE HELL of a time with it...UGH!! I guess there is a reason Richard and I waited over 25 years to buy our first house...made my head explode to think about it.
    Things will be better for you now...I feel it in my bones!!


  10. ((((((((((((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))))) its a stressful time but it wont be for much longer. Then we can all look forward to seeing your new home.
    Much Love
    Debie xxxxx

  11. My heart goes out to you! I don't even know most of what you are talking about ..! Buying a house must be really hard in US.


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