Saturday, 24 July 2010

I need sewing help please.

Bearing in mind that I can just about sew a straight line, how hard is it to add piping onto something ?

This is an Oscar De La Renta bedding set.

I don't have this but I do have the same fabric and want to make a similar bedding set. I figure I can make the duvet cover, pillows and drapes because they are basically just squares...right :-)

The bed skirt...I have no idea but will try and figure it out...even if I just end up stapling it to the bed base lol.

I'd really like to have the piping around it in places, but I can't afford to mess it up and have to buy more fabric.

I should add that this is for my guest room and is real life king size not a mini :-)

So is this something a beginner could tackle...or no ?


  1. Jayne, for that kind of piping, I use #5 DMC pearl cotton. It comes in almost as many shades as the DMC embroidery floss, so it is easy to match the fabric. I simply use a needle nosed glue bottle and glue it to the edges. Easily done and looks exactly like the real thing.

  2. Jayne,

    My Mum is an excellent sewer (can make anything, with or without a pattern etc) and can help you! I will ask her and email you details of how to. Is this okay?!

    Michelle xxx

  3. Casey....this is full sized for my spare that still the same advice :-)

  4. Thanks Michele...that would be a real help.

    Does she fancy a trip to make the bedding for the guest bed she'd be sleeping in :-)

  5. Piping is relatively easy. Say you have a square pillow, you have two pieces, front and back. Take your piping, it has a round side and a flat side. Pin the piping to the front of one of your pillow pieces. The flat edge should go around the outer edge of the pillow. Ease around the corners. You can clip at the center corner for more of a knife edge pillow. Now, place pillow pieces front to front. Sew your seam on the side where you can see the stitching from the piping. Sew as closely to that as possible. You can butt the pipping up against it's self with you come back to where you started, you can remove a bit of the string inside and place one edge over the other, so the piping goes around seamlessly. Does any of this make sense? You can also make a small practice pillow first so you don't waste your good fabric. Reader's Digest has an excellent reference book on sewing basics. I refer to it quite often. Hope this helps! :)

  6. It's not that hard, Jayne, piping comes attached to a "ribbon" (for lack of a better word) that you put between your two layers when you sew a seam. I can give you more exact instructions if you decide to go for it. The hardest part of it is just keeping things straight so your seam goes right against the edge of the piping.

    - Grace

  7. Beautiful fabric! You can buy ready made piping or make your own by cutting strips of fabric on the diagonal and sewing it over a strip of cord. Use your zipper foot so you can sew close to the cord. The piping is sandwiched between the top and bottom fabrics. YES, you can do this! :D

  8. Clear as mud Dale...maybe if I read it a few times : -) I think a practice bit on cheapo fabric is a good idea lol

  9. Jayne, I had a custom window treatment business for many years, and making piping is second nature for me. If you can access a book called "Home Furnishings Workbook" by Maureen Whitemore (ISBN 1-890379-00-X) this is the best book that explains how to make piping. It has a full section with detailed cutting instructions, assembling instructions, and more. It also shows you how to install ready made piping cord. You can probably check for the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble's web sites. Let me know how you make out with it.

  10. Thanks Grace. Keeping things straight is where I struggle. I tried to make pillows once....not good. I might be emailing you :-)

  11. you are getting technical. Cutting on diagonal....and what on earth is a zipper foot ???

    Whatever it is I don't think I have one.

    It is beautiful fabric isn't it. Would you beleive I've been looking for the 'right' one for about 10 years. I hope this is it.

  12. Oh Wanda...I so wished you lived in California :-(

    Thanks so much for the book advice. I have many drapes to make as well...silly sized windows grrr.

    I'll go check that out now...thank you.

  13. That's a lovely bedding set Jayne!
    All I can add to all of the advice above is that when you're not familiar with sewing, pin everything, sew it together with a basting stitch first and go slowly. The corners may be tricky. I would also try it a few times on cheap fabric first.
    All sewing machines have several feet (the metal bit that holds down the fabric), I'm sure you have a zipper foot, just google for a picture of one.
    Good luck with the bedding!

  14. WOW!!! Jayne, you have this exact same fabric? I love the Ikat design. Very Balinese and yet Indian at the same time. Some of their motifs are very similar :).

    Sorry I can't offer any help. I can only stitch carpets not beddings ;p ! I was giggling when you asked Casey about her advice :). hehehehehe

    I love the guestroom already !

  15. You already received excellent advice on the piping. When you buy the bed skirts they usually are attached to a large square that goes under your mattress and then the skirt hangs down from that, but I cheated on my bed and put velcro on the edge of my bedframe- that way I don't have to take the mattress off the bed to get the skirt out to wash it. Good luck Jayne- once again I wish I lived close enough to help you out- I have done piping before and it's not too hard- you just have to take your time if you're not used to sewing much :) good luck!!!!!

  16. Gosh you are being brave,I would not know where to start but I am sure you will get some excellent advice.

    It will look fabulous when finished soooo luxurious!

  17. Thanks Josje.

    i don't have one of those feet so I guess I'll have to buy one. There will be a practice piece first :-)

  18. Susan.....did you not get the email I sent with a link to this fabric. I wanted a second opinion before I bought it lol

    Yes I have this...I went and got it anyhow. I really love it.

    I've always wanted this room so have been looking for the perfect fabric for maybe 10 years now. This is it I think. I hope so anyhow as I have 20 yards coming lol.

    I wanted something that would fit Indian. Moroccan, Moorish, Middle Eastern...anywhere over there so I can change things about.

    I can't beleive I am spending so much time on my spare room rather than the main part of the house lol. This is the room I am real excited over though - just need a guest who'll appreciate it :-)

  19. Oooh Kim please come visit....I'll let you into the garden between sewing I promise :-)

    I will cheap with my bed skirt too and will just stitch this over the fabric on another one I have :-) The main square under the mattress will stay as is :-)

  20. Janice I am not sure if I am brave or stupid lol.

    I am not one for fussy furnishings but an Indian room has so much potential...can't wait. I've been collecting bits and pieces for years.

  21. Jayne, I am so sorry but I did not get that email. Anyhoo, you would have known my answer, a resounding YES (1000x)! Invite me ONLY when you are ready because you bet your bottom dollar I will fly right down to see you and yes, sleep in that guest room . But I am not good with sewing and gardening like Kim :) so she can have 1st dip as reward :).

  22. So only want to visit when all the hard work is done lol. That is fine we can play miniatures instead :-)

    I thought you'd like it. Now I just need to find the right paint, artwork and accessories - hope that doesn't take another 10 years lol

  23. Kinda late on this post. My mother is a quilter and an amazing seamstress. She taught me to sew long before I could read. lol. Anyway all the above answers are well stated. Piping is very easy, but you need to use lots of pins. And you will poke yourself often. Just adjust it as you go along, you should do great. Please post a picture when you are finished. Would love to see it when you are done:~)

  24. Hello Lanie, nice to 'meet' you.

    Ill will definitely be posting pictures but dont expect them any time soon - this may take me a while :-)

  25. Piping is a "can of corn" as my mother is wont to say. Making piping on the other hand can be tricky if you don't have an extra pair of hands and/or a rotary mat and cutter.

  26. Make it....what...I thought you just bought it...tell me you can please lol.

    No I don't have extra hands...I do have a rotary cutter but find them too dangerous and stick to a scalpel !


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