Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Well I have no idea what is going on but I just can't seem to get that tutorial to post.

I am unable to leave comments on anyone's blogs either right now. I get to the word verification part and it just says "loading..."....and yes I did try typing that in to make sure that wasn't the word :-) I guess there is some sort of glitch so I'll keep trying.

In the meantime, I thought I'd add a photo of the birdhouses I made for Roses Florist. The tallest is about 1" and the smallest are under half inch tall.

I know it is a florist shop but with the economy as bad as it is she had to diversify a little :-)

After a few attempts at some kind of stand that looked 'right' I gave up. Then hubby then said "why not hang them from the ceiling?"

Duh...why didn't I think of that...and he was right....it does looks very effective.


  1. They are so cute. I really like them. I also had problems in answering some comments last night but so far today it is okay.

  2. Hi Jayne, I too had the same problem. Good thing I copied the comment I wanted to leave on your blog yesterday and here they are. OMG your birdhouses are so lovely, it's a tough choice which pic to put up on my blog. Go to Day 2 and you will see what I mean:

    "Firstly thanks for popping by my blog. I am so glad you did cos that's how I came to know your blog. Your flowers blew [sic] me away :) but seriously, they really do. Such stunning details. I also went to your other website and your gallery of past work. Just amazing. Sorry about your finger and hope you recover soon cos its too much talent lost if you are unable to do those flowers again.
    I am going to introduce your blog on mine and pass you an award. I hope you drop by Day 20 of my blog to see if you like it. Signed: An admirer who will be back again and again :) ."

  3. I've been having the same problems with the comments over the last few days.
    Love the Bird Houses..

  4. Why thank you ladies :-)

    These are really easy to make. I just used blocks of wood and printed the walls, roof and doors and windows onto cardstock and glued them on. Dead simple :-)

    San...thanks so much...you are making me blush.

  5. Thanks Debbie...and it's good to know it isn't just something I am doing wrong.

    Strangest thing is...I posted my last comment way before you posted yours yet yours shows up first.

  6. Hello, I just want to say that I love your birthhouses, they are so lovely. I'm just a beginner in this litle word and I love miniatures, I'm from South america and here we don't find anything about miniatures. So I try to learn something from tne internet. Sorry, my english is very bad.

  7. Thank you Mini Alev. I am sure you won't be a beginner long...it takes over your life sometimes :-)

    And you English is just fine.


  8. They are lovely, so colorful! Jean

  9. They are so cute! absolute love these!
    I think they look great ceiling.
    * marlies


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