Monday, 16 February 2009

My Favorite Piece

Do you have one?

That one piece you made that you fell in love with. Then you sold or gave it away and have regretted it ever since.

Mine is this cherry blossom bonsai.

It is so tiny it took me forever to attach all the blooms. The larger ones are shaped from 1/8th inch circle of paper and the smaller ones shaped from 1/16th inch circle of paper.

I drove myself demented trying to paint the centers of them and then give them that ruffled shape. Veining the leaves was no easy task either !

I can’t tell you how many of them ended up lost in the pile of my carpet. They were so small that the slightest sigh of exasperation from me would send dozens of them flying. I have to remember to hold my breath when working this tiny.

I am still disappointed I never figured out how to get stamen in them. I try to put stamen in all the flowers I make for that added touch of realism but just couldn’t find anything small enough to do so in this piece.

Still, this piece went to a lovely lady who loved it possibly even more than I did. Doesn’t feel so bad when you know it is in a good home.


  1. There were things in my early days of selling on eBay that I wish I had kept, but I eventually learned that if I liked something, I should keep it because I knew I would never get around to making another for myself.

  2. Breath taking. At least the lady who got it loved it.

  3. So lovely! I love pink blossoms, it looks so real. Jean

  4. No words to describe how lovely it is!!! Its a great work.

  5. Thanks so much. It is pretty isn't it. You can see why it is my all time favorite.

    Next time I do something I love so much I'll keep it for myself.


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