Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dear Steven Tyler

… You know I love you & think you are really hot

… You know I love what you wear

… You know I love your hair with its feathers & charms

… You know I love your music

…You know I’ve loved being able to watch you on Idol every week

… You know I’d love to sculpt you ....no that isn’t a euphemism ;-)

But…..sorry…..your book really sucks !


  1. LOL, not such a good author then! ;o))

    I owe you an email...I'm slacking badly!

    Michelle xxx

  2. Too funny! My 89 year old Mother fell for him on American Idol and really wanted to read his book. I have purchased it for her and she is in the process of reading it. I think it is so funny. The next book lined up for her is Kieth Richards Life. She will learn too much this month!!!

  3. Long time no see, old friend :). A little bird told me you are celebrating your birthday this month?


    I think Steve Tyler rocks but most rockers can't write anything except songs :)

  4. Glad you all got a smile out of it :-) After shelling out almost $30 for it I wasn't smiling lol

    Michelle ....no worries...I am as bad lol.

    Patty...not sure what your Mom will think about it..not the tamest of books that's for sure...and definitely a load more raunchy than he is on Idol. She will maybe learn more than she wants lol

    Susan I think you are right...I was kinda hoping he had little to do with the writing off it...such a disappointment.

    And yes the little birdie was right...'tis my birthday tomorrow :-) I must sort out a giveaway soon.

  5. LOL :D Ive missed your humour.... and your birthday a few days ago, oops (I was on holiday, so had a good excuse) Belated Birthday hugs mate (((hugs))) x

  6. Hi Wendie...I've been busy as well...and on holiday again lol. Thanks for the birthday hug xxx


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