Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hi everyone...remember me :-) 

Although I was planning a short break I have also had awful computer problems of late so had little choice. I am still not fully sorted but better than I was.

Also what is with Blogger lately ? In my dashboard I used to be able to view all the blogs I follow and  could  literally scroll down and go back through weeks worth of posts making it fairly easy to catch up.  For some time now my dashboard has only been showing the last 20 blog updates.....and seeing as how I follow 300 different blogs I miss loads :-(

When my time is limited I don't get chance to manually look for all the blogs I want to read :-(  I guess this is a new thing rather than a glitch and I don't like it.

Anyhoooo, I'll be away from here for a little while longer because....

I am going home. Yup I will be flying back over to England next week for a 3 week vacation.

I've not been home at all since I left 7 years ago and I can't tell you how excited I am.

There are sooo many people and places I want to see that 3 weeks will go past in a whirl I am sure. 

We will be meeting some friends in London to start and then going to see  the Trans Siberian Orchestra again. I was looking forward to this already but now I am even more excited as Wendie will be there and we'll be staying in the same much fun will that be :-)

And the food...oh how I've missed the food. I am not a food person at all...I used to eat perhaps once a day and ate because I had to , not because I wanted to. Yet the thought of going back home and getting to eat all the food I missed had me drooling. Walkers crisps, buttered teacakes, scones and clotted cream, real fish and chips, pukka pie, mushy peas, real chocolate..then with these thoughts came the realization that I'd end up putting on 40lbs.

Not good seeing as I have already put on almost 40lbs in the 7 years I've been here.  So I decided to go on a diet.

Yes, yes, I know I should be losing weight for health reasons, to look better etc etc but the motivation just wasn't there...until I wanted to stuff my face with yummy English food while I could.

So I started dieting on January 13th and so far have lost 26lbs...another woooo hooo. I still have 11lbs to get to the weight I was when I moved here but I've gone from a size 12 jeans down to a size 8 which is unbelievable. I am surprised the store staff didn't come into the changing room when I first tried on a size 8 cause I was squealing so much lol. For the Brits, that isn't as impressive as it sounds though...sizes here are different so now I am a UK 10 but still down from a 14 :-)

And it has been the easiest dieting I've ever done. Had to learn to eat more than once a day and eat more than I ever have but I managed.

A huge part of it being easy has been the energy I've gained. I am sure some of that is from not having to lug all that flab about  , and some of it is because I am so excited but I am literally bouncing off the walls with energy and find it hard to sit still. Good thing really with all I have to do :-)

And I couldn't have done it without my friend Patti. We may be on different coasts but doing this diet with her has helped so much. We hold each other accountable and it has proved much better than any dieting group :-)

Meeting some fellow blogger friends is going to be so much fun. I also come from the same area as Debie so will be meeting up with her as well....gosh I so can't wait :-)

And... if this wasn't enough excitement for one person, ,for the first time since he started studying fine art at college I will get to go with my Son Aydn to an art gallery. He is much more knowledgeable about art than I am so this will be a fun learning experience for me . 

He is doing extremely well at college and while I am there he will be having his work assessed by Walsall Art Gallery with a view to exhibiting there which is really exciting. He has exhibited there before when he was working on his homeless project. This was very successful and when the Director of The Big Issue heard abut it he came along to take a look and loved it.

I always expected that he'd become an engineer like every other man in our family so I am very pleased he took after me :-)

Well, a week today I'll be off so I best get cracking. We have a house sitter so I have to clean and get the guest room ready as well as pack.

Toodle Pip...see you soon xxxx

p.s...we'll likely be whizzing all over the country so if anyone else is interested in meeting up just shoot me an email :-)


  1. "how much fun will that be :-)" we may have to ask the barman the next day how much fun we had LOL but likewise, I am really looking forward to it too.
    & WOW! thats a LOT of weight to lose in such a short space of time! I am envious!!!! I've tried really hard but have yo-yo'd like you wouldnt believe and have only managed to lose 10lb since the 23rd January. How on earth did you manage it? you did make me laugh with your list of 'must have' foods, its only a an ex-pat that makes a visit to Sainsbury's the first thing they MUST do when returning to home turf LOL :-D
    enjoy your flight & I'll see yu soon. First one in the bar, keeps a seat spare! xxx

  2. YAY Jayne. Well done on loosing your weight. Need to know when you are in my area please chick.

    I am so happy for you.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Congrats on the weight loss, that is a lot in such a short time! :)

    Happy to hear you are getting to go home for a visit! I can't imagine seven years time. Have a wonderful time and safe travels! :)

  4. Your vacation sounds dreamy! I grew up in Wales and haven't been 'home' since I was 7.. I understand you're on a diet... And congrats for all that you have lost, but will you eat a Kinder Egg for me while your there:) I sure do miss the little toys that come in them- They stopped shipping them here because the toys were considered a choking hazard....Luckly our british store still sells the Lion bar, Yum!! And OMG~ do I ever miss real fish and chips, double yum! Be safe! And take lots of pictures.... You lucky girl you!!

  5. I can tell how excited YOU are! This is such wonderful news, all round! :o))))))))))

    I had no idea that it had been so long since you'd been home to England and I wish I was able to meet you too! Sadly I have everything happening in those weeks myself!

    I agree with the crisps and chocs...nothing compared like the ones from the UK!!

    Will email before you leave for home! :o)

    Michelle xxxx

  6. Have a wonderful trip! It sounds so exciting! I bet once you are over there you will be doing so much walking your weight will stay off of you even if you do indulge!!

  7. Come one, tell us, you were invited to the Royal Wedding and that's why you're going home and losing the weight, LOL

    Congrats!!! I've lost 21 pounds and have 16 more to go!!!

    I look forward to hearing all about your vacation!!


  8. We'll have the royal carpet out for you then ... and how can you forget about Marmite essential staple food requirement ... have fun shame you just miss Miniaturia ...Paul

  9. Here's to a wonderful home-coming Jayne. I hope the weather will be kind to you but maybe you are looking forward to some English rain!!

    Well done on losing so much weight, you deserve a Walkers binge!

  10. Hi Jayne, how exciting to get to go home for a visit! I'm sure your family and friends will be thrilled to see you again after so long. Congrats on the weight loss, too, that's really wonderful!

    As for keeping up on blogs - I use the Google Reader, couldn't live without it. It opens in your browser, no other software needed, and you can keep track of just about everything there. It will automatically import all your Blogger subscriptions, plus you can add things directly. It's how I read all the daily news, blog posts, website updates, etc.

    If you're not familiar with using RSS readers - almost everybody offers RSS feeds these days, so you just add the website in question to the reader and it will automatically find the feed. Even a lot of forums have RSS feeds so you can see new posts without having to go to the forum every day. You can organize it however you like - I have folders for news, mini blogs, travel stuff, genealogy, etc. You see a running list of new titles or headlines as articles are posted, and just click on the ones you actually want to read. You can read it right there in your reader, or go to the website/blog/forum. So you never miss the things you want to read, and don't have to waste time on the ones you don't!

    Have a great time on your trip! :)

    - Grace

  11. Hey, great to see you posting! Woohoo, wonderful news about your visit home and congratulations on losing so much weight!!

    Yup, as above, use google reader, you can subscribe to anything and everything and there it all is on the one page for you whenever you want to visit.

  12. Jayne! I am soooo excited for you- I know how much you miss home- I wish your trip was for a longer time! Congrats on the weight loss- woo hoo!!! I can't wait to hear all about your trip! Travel safely :)

  13. Hi long as we dont end up on the front page of the News of The World we'll be good :-) Miniaturists gone wild lol.

    I've yo yo'd as well but over all am down :-) I am following Atkins which is so easy and nothing like the urban legend of greasy burgers and eggs. You have to eat loads of veggies. Cutting out the booze helped :-)

    Yup I can't wait to go to the grocery store lol.

    Save that seat and see next week...damn just typing that makes me wanna dance lol

  14. Thanks Debie...I am still fatter than when I left so no one back home will notice lol

    I am so happy for me as well :-)

    I just emailed you :-)

  15. hey dale....thanks.

    7 years is a long time. I've seen some of my family as they've been over here but nothing better than being back on 'home' turf :-)

  16. Hi katie,

    Kinder eggs lol....I'd forgotten about those. I ueed to collect the toys as well . They were banned in the Uk for a while because of the choking as well. We had a little Indian run corner store that used to keep them under the counter for us..the thought of getting busted for buying illegal chocolate used to crack me up lol.

    I love lion bars as fact most English choccie :-)

    I will be taking lots of piccies for sure :-)

  17. Hi Michell...can you tell I am excited lol.

    Prawn cocktail walkers....I am drooling already :-)

    I got your email...will reply soon.

  18. Hi Patty.

    Thank you....I never thought abut the walking but yes I'll likely be doing a lot of it so that will help :-)

  19. Hi Marsha, Is there a Royal wedding going on...I didn't know lol. But yes you've busted us :-)

    Actually one of the times we didn't want to go was when all the wedding stuff was going on...hopefully it won't be too crazy.

    Well done you on the weight loss.....16lbs to go is fantastic :-) I bet you feel sooo much better already.

  20. Ho Paul, we are seeing a band on the 28th March so couldn't time it to fit in any shows...there is always next year :-)

    I can actually get Marmite here...and do :-) I've not had Bovril in ages though.

  21. Hi Janice..I'll likely freeze my butt off but that is OK. We've had a lot of rain here this winter so I can live with that I have to buy boots while I am there...I only have flip flops lol

    A Walkers binge is on the itinery lol

  22. Thanks grace and thanks for the google reader info. I've diaried it to change when I get back.

  23. Hi Susan...thanks. I will definitely look at Google reader when I get home and have more time.

  24. Hi Kim....I will definitely be blogging about my trip when I get home that's for sure. Yes I miss the UK and my family and freinds terribly. It will be so good to catch up with everyone.

    3 weeks will fly past but it is better than nothing :-)

  25. Congrats on your weight loss, your doing great. Hope you have a great holidy 'back home' and if your coming to South Wales, be sure to let me know :0)
    Julia xxx

  26. Thank you Jayne for the sweet comment on my blog!! I have been a bit absent from blogland too because of the pregnancy.... only 2 months left!!! Congrats on the weight loss and the upcoming trip!! Here's what I think.... whenever visiting a new place you need to go eat with people that are from there!! I wish I had known someone in UK while I was there. All that food sounds so yummy but we only went to places I think were made for tourists :P Will love to hear about it when you get back!! hugs, ara

  27. Hi Jayne, congrats for your diet and most of sl for your trip back home. Have fun and enjoy your time with your son. Make a little trip to Sainsbury for me as well, I do love English chocolate, especially the nuts and raisin milk choc by Cadbury.....sweet memories ;o) Minihugs Rosanna


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