Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bloody computers

I am sorry I went missing in action right after announcing the giveaway winners. I got a darn virus on my computer.

I am so lucky that Mick knows his stuff then it comes to things like this and it doesn't cost us a fortune talking it in to get fixed.

If I got hold of one of these idiots I'd string them up. Viruses are such a pain in the neck. They jump about, change file names and breed...grrr.

Mick got hold of it and eventually he managed to get rid of it. So annoying when all you get is 'Access Denied' when you try and remove something on your computer that shouldn't be there in the first place.

Anyhow back to normal now with loads of catching up to do. I am dying to read about everyones adventures at KDF.

If I owe you an email I apologize....I'll try and get back to everyone today. And winners, you plants are all ready to be mailed...I just couldn't get into my email to get your addresses.

Toodle Pip.

ETA - spoke too soon...damn thing is back :-(


  1. So sorry about the nasty virus!


  2. Welcome to the club, I'm having problems with the internet connection and the repair guy will come within 2-5 days - now we have just one portable mobile internet connection and 4 computers, so you can imagine the fight who's using it...

  3. Ahhh Jayne I know that feeling! I hate the chaos and heartache these people cause! Hope you get it sorted quickly, it makes you miserable dosnt it! So frustrating! Congrats to the winners , lucky lucky them! Kate xxx

  4. Glad you're back with us again :o) I'm dreading getting one of those viruses as hubbs is working away at the moment and he's the only one who could do a fix it for me, my knowledge of computers is switching it on & off, blogspot & facebook LOL

  5. Seems I spoke to soon. Damn thing is back :-(

  6. Aww... I hope you can get rid of the virus for good! My brother's the one responsible for sorting out anything that goes wrong on my laptop, but the one you got sounds exceptionally nasty.

  7. Oh, Jayne, that is awful, I have so, been there, done that. Hated it! :(

    On a better note, I got my flowers! Yay! Thank you, so much my dear! They are divine! :)

  8. I thought you were off enjoying a lovely break somewhere!
    Not tangling with the trials and vageries of technology.

  9. not yet, I leave in 19 days... is your computer better, now?


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